Daily Kos: Mississippi governor: Everyone in America has health care

I make pretty good money.  I was doing it when “that trip” happened, and I got caught between a corporate bankruptcy and pre-existing conditions that denied me the ability to buy coverage.

I wasn’t even sick, but my wife was, and neither of us knew it.

Then it happened.  The first time was 6 figures, a little over what I made in a year.  The second one was high fives, and the next few were big enough.

So yeah, we had health care then.  Happened to live in a State where they don’t just let people die too easy, and I had assets and such.

Lost it all but for a used car people.  Life reset, plans, equity, all of it gone mid 40′s, and again, I didn’t even get sick.

Nice coverage, if you consider just dying the alternative.

There are days when I see these asses and can just barely contain my rage.  Heck, I don’t even own a gun.  

(not that I should, or would, or anything like that)

Couple of implications to that whole mess.  What they don’t tell you is that you get sucked dry, destroyed, marginalized, credit to the shitter, assets gone or lost due to lack of ability to pay and no real way to rebuild.

Thought about self-employment to really double down on work to catch some of it back up.  Maybe when the exchanges kick in, I’ll consider it, but right now there is no way.  I have to work for somebody, probably just the way they like it.

Now this isn’t a post for pity, or anything.  It’s been a while and we landed reasonably OK.  I had helped a family member buy a duplex when I was doing well, and we can split that now.  Funny, when it all happened to us, I moved in and rented only to see that family member get the boot on what was a stable job, leaving me to pay the whole thing or we were all out on our asses!

Republican policies are great, aren’t they?

Thought about minor league crime for a while.  Still do, but it’s late enough in life to keep it off the table, but I do think about it, and I wonder just how fucked up our economic policy is to get me there.  Never been unemployed a day in my life, and that’s still true!  

Keep telling stories people.  Keep highlighting these asses for the soulless clowns they are.  Plenty of people get the shaft on this every day, and when they all talk, it’s going to add up.

*again, we came through and have options now, it’s not all dark, not all bad, but it was life changing and really, really, stunningly ugly there for a while.

This guy?  He wouldn’t know.  Can’t.  And that’s the problem.

What Next?

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