Daily Kos: Ted Cruz says health care would be bad for people who don’t have

Yes, because every little podunk town around was expecting to “strike it rich!” many built local jails and prisons expecting the state of Texas to fill them up, providing lots of shiny new jobs to little Podunk-ville.

Guess what?  

Not even Texas, with its draconian regressive oppressive “just us” system, could fill all those new jails.  Plus, they really prefer keeping people in old jails, which are especially creepy, filthy and prone to group violence.  That’s just “justice” in Texas.

Private Prisons Promises leave Texas Towns in Trouble.

Texas Pays for Private Prisons while Thousands of Beds in Public Prisons are Empty

So, Ted Cruz is doubly full of shi#, because Texas has plenty of prison capacity and could save a lot of money just by dumping the private prison complex it is shipping public money to, instead of using the state-owned prisons which have empty beds.

Huh…. Ted Cruz totally, completely wrong. Just mistaken, or an enormous liar?  Lying tea bagging scum?

What Next?

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