Do Your Family And Friends Support Your Healthy Lifestyle?

August 2009 018 1024x768 Do Your Family And Friends Support Your Healthy Lifestyle?

Question: What do I do if I want to make healthy choices around my food and lifestyle, but neither my family nor my friends support my choices and actually make me feel bad about what I’m trying to do?

In a love-oriented world, this would not be happening. But I know all too well that many of you out there are dealing with this dilemma because I get asked this question all the time.

What makes this so hard is that your family and your friends are supposed to be unconditionally supportive, especially when it comes to your happiness and well being.

At the very least, they should let you live the way you want to even if they don’t agree. But instead, you are teased and put down for making healthy choices.

Your social life and family life become compromised because your priorities are changing and the people in your life don’t understand.

You want to grow but you are scared to alienate yourself.

I’ll admit that I’ve been spoiled in this department. My family saw the hell that I was in and would tolerate anything I tried to do to lessen the pain. They watched how food and natural therapies changed my body for the better and they began to incorporate some of the lifestyle changes as well.

HOWEVER, I have experienced my fair share of being teased about ordering hot tea at a bar or taking the stairs instead of the elevator.

So what do we do if our family and friends make us question our healthy choices and feel alienated?

The truth is that we want love more than we want to be healthy.

Let me say that again.

We want to be loved more than we want to be healthy. In other words, we would rather be sick and be loved than be healthy and be unloved.

We are afraid that if we change they will not love us anymore and they are afraid that if we change, we will “leave them behind” and not love them anymore.

We let our fear of judgment from others determine the choices that we make. So the real issue here is fear versus love.

Click play below for my take on how to overcome the fear of losing love and relationships so that you can step into the lifestyle that you know is best for you.

Have you ever compromised your health because of your fear of losing the love of family or friends?

How did you overcome this?

Your experience could make a huge difference for someone else! Or someone else may have some wisdom to share with you…

Tell us about it below!

xo, robin

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