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First and foremost is nutrition, the equation to achieve good nutrition is simple. The amount of energy we consume must equal that of our energy output. Therefore it stands to reason that the more active a body is, the more energy it requires. Nutrients should be varied, in the correct portions, and of course depend on the activities we take part in to keep our bodies in shape. We have to feed our body’s needs.

For example if we are quite happy with our body weight, but would like to develop a little more muscle. The key to success is losing more body fat while at the same time building muscle. Eating protein rich foods is good for this, but resistance training is key. Both of these components allow for the maintenance of weight, but a look that is noticeably leaner.

Just taking this example, we can see that nutrition to develop the health levels and look we desire, actually becomes quite scientific. But at this juncture, we only really want to stress that eating correctly, and getting exercise is important for the entire family. There is nothing worse than losing a loved one at a relatively young age, from a problem which could have been contained by simply getting the right food and exercise.

There are many family activities that benefit everyone; taking walks with the family dog – they will love you for it too. Walking together to the park or cycling (by this we do not mean taking the Segway), playing family football or Frisbee, jogging together, playing, tennis, swimming regularly if possible.

As we said earlier, good nutrition is also vital, and we once heard somebody say – “if your grandmother would not recognise it, then whatever it is won’t be good for you”. There are also a few tips and tricks that you might not be aware of, for example eating fruits is exceptionally healthy, but over-indulging in fruit juice, also means over-indulging in sugar.

A healthy diet consists of the daily consumption of fruit, and vegetables. It has been proven scientifically that a diet which contains veggies, may significantly lower the risk of illness from cancer, heart disease, and stroke. Whole Grains are really good for us too – make a habit of reading food labels, and choose to eat whole grain bread, cereal and pasta.

Many whole grain foods are also low GI, which keeps the body feeling fuller for longer. Low GI is diabetic friendly too. Dairy produce lowers the risk of contracting diabetes, so be sure to consume low-fat cheeses, and also drink low-fat milk. Essentially what being healthy and staying in shape is all about is just picking up a little knowledge and generally being sensible.

* Please call 911 if you are experiencing a life threatening emergency and or go to the closest emergency room.

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