Fixing Obamacare: Make Obama and his family get their insurance through Healthcare.gov

Sundby also said President Obama and every member of Congress should voluntarily put themselves and all their family members and staffers into the health care exchanges instead of remaining on their government-funded 'Cadillac plans.' 

'There's something we could do right now,' she said, 'and that's for the American people to insist that government officials sign up for their own insurance on the exchanges.'

'That's the right thing to do. They legislated it. The American people have to use it. That's the best way to fix the health care system. Make everyone in charge understand just what a big mess this is.' 

'I think the executive branch – president Obama actually – Do you know what would warm our hearts, really? It would be for President Obama to get up and say. "I have just put all my staff, and I just put my family, my precious family, on the health care exchanges. I believe so strongly that it will work and that it's working now, that we're going to get in the boat with you."'

She said Obama should issue an executive order 'requiring that my cabinet and other parts of the federal government's executive branch sign up for our health insurance on the exchanges.'

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