Freedom’s Lighthouse » So Much for Obama’s Promises: New Hampshire Family’s Health Insurance

I just don’t get this whole hysteria about not having health insurance – in particular for the kids. Chances of her kids acquiring a life threatening disease are very, very slim. Kids do things like break legs and don’t even do that all that often. So what? $ 665.00 per month adds up to just under $ 8000.00 per year. One or two trips to the doctor shouldn’t cost more than a few hundred per year. Now suppose they go, for example, three years without a broken leg and banked that $ 8000.00 every year. Now they have 24K in the bank. That pays for a whole bunch of broken legs.

Taking it further, if the kid has no major problem for 18 years they now have 143,640.00 in the bank. If they spent 1000K per year on health care, they still have $ 125,691.00 in the bank.

A person buys insurance because they’re “betting” they will get really ill at some point. The insurance company is betting you won’t. Guess who’s right?

No one should have to have anything other than a catastrophic policy (the way it used to be, I might add.)

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