Grantee Partner Spotlight: Southwest Boulevard Family HealthCare

Grantee Partner Spotlight: Southwest Boulevard Family HealthCare Each month a Women’s Foundation Grantee Partner will be featured in the e-newsletter and on the Foundation’s blog. This is where the Grantee Partners tell their story…about how they’re helping Kansas City’s women and girls become more economically self-sufficient. 

Southwest Boulevard Family Health Care (FHC) promotes empowerment of women and girls through our programs on health and supportive services. We strive to help people identify and build on their strengths in order to lead safer and healthier lives.

Violence is a serious public health problem in the US. In 2010 over 16,250 people were victims of homicide and there were more than four million non-fatal assaults requiring emergency room treatment. About one-third of assaults against women are committed by strangers.

This project, funded through the Women’s Foundation and presented using The Ali Kemp Educational Defense program (TAKE), offers free self-defense and safety awareness training to women and girls in our community. We provide an opportunity for girls and women to learn about personal safety. Through self-defense training, we aim to increase self-awareness and prepare participants to avoid or respond to situations in which they may be vulnerable to attack. Self-defense training has been associated with other positive outcomes: improved self-esteem, decreased anxiety, and increased participatory behaviors. In other words: empowerment for women and girls.

We have successfully offered this training and have had requests for trainings at schools, neighborhood associations and other community groups in our area. We hope to be able to extend the training regularly to empower women of all ages to be safe.

The Women’s Foundation granted $ 2,430 to Southwest Boulevard Family Health Care! To learn more about the self defense training classes, please visit www.swbfhc.org. 

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