Guest Post – Safety in The Kitchen Is Key With Food Allergies – via @GlutenFreeLbls

I want to thank Kelly with Gluten-Free Labels for taking the time to write this post. I’ve chatted with her on the phone and I’m starting to introduce her concept to some of the restaurants that I work with. This is a phenomenal idea that looks classy too. The bottom line is when you have food allergies labeling your food is so important and their tags, labels and stickers eliminate all worries. Please take the time to read their inspiring story and remember to, “Label It. Tag It. Flag It.”

My husband and I were married in May of 2005 and a year later we started trying to expand our family.  Unfortunately, our plan took a detour.   Three years of infertility, a few procedures and two miscarriages later, I was advised by a woman, Linda, to get tested for Celiac Disease.   In this random meeting (or not-so-random?), she shared some life-changing information.   Linda was in her 40s, had infertility issues and multiple miscarriages for years before realizing she had a gluten intolerance.  A gluten-free diet helped her conceive her only child.  She told me not to waste time and get tested immediately.

I was hesitant to get tested.  I rarely had stomach issues and was under the WRONG assumption that Celiac Disease and IBS were one in the same.  How could I possibly have Celiac Disease?  My doctor also didn’t believe there was any correlation between gluten and infertility.   But, my husband wasn’t taking any chances.  We had nothing to lose.  During one visit, my husband was adamant our doctor test for Celiac.  Guess what the results revealed?  Yup, my blood work showed I had celiac disease and a stomach biopsy confirmed the diagnosis.  After a gross night of completely overindulging in non-gluten-free foods, my gluten-free diet was underway.

My husband and I took every step to ensure our kitchen was gluten-free.  We had a huge incentive –our future children.  Going gluten-free was totally overwhelming however I was lucky that my husband and entire family embraced the diet and all learned to cook new gluten-free recipes.  I began eating healthier and making better gluten-free choices like choosing foods that were naturally gluten-free.  Although the diet was going well, cross contamination fears were always a worry.

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