Health Hawke’s Bay supports graduates entering the rural health care workforce

Wairoa will play a significant role in helping train graduates entering the rural health care workforce for general practice and medicine.

Health Hawke’s Bay, the region’s primary health organisation has invested $ 250,000 to establish a Rural Health Learning Centre at the new Integrated Family Health Centre.

Health Hawke’s Bay chief executive Liz Stockley said Wairoa will become a new training ground for those entering the workforce who need to learn about health in our rural areas.

“There is a shortage of family doctors and nurses for our rural communities.  Health Hawke’s Bay recognised that establishing the Rural Health Learning Centre as an exciting part of the entire project, where Wairoa as a community will be leading the way in helping train future family doctors and nurses about the rural health and working in remote areas.

“Health Hawke’s Bay is very much part of the Wairoa community, we have two full time staff who will now be based at the new Rural Health Learning Centre and we are committed and passionate about supporting Wairoa’s health needs.”

Health Hawke’s Bay congratulates the Wairoa health community, family doctors and nurses and the District Health Board for their work and commitment in establishing Wairoa’s new Integrated Family Health Centre.

Health Hawke’s Bay is proud to have been part of the project and to have worked alongside and to celebrate with Wairoa’s health community.

Health Hawke’s Bay, as the manager and co-ordinator of primary health care, became aware two years ago, that the range of primary health care, where family doctors and nurses work, was needing to change.

“We were aware that some wonderful doctors in the area were close to retirement and the expectations of locals were changing.”

Health Hawke’s Bay worked closely with the Hawke’s Bay District Health Board to determine how the Wairoa District could be best served for health services.

Chairman John Newland said he was delighted to be representing Health Hawke’s Bay at the official opening tomorrow by the Minister of Health, Tony Ryall.

“The opening marks the successful outcome of such significant consultation and review of options, resulting in the creation of this ‘state of the art’ facility” he said.

The new Rural Health Learning Centre is part of Health Hawke’s Bay’s focus on ensuring that the people serving the needs of local people are always trained in the latest processes and technology.

Health Hawke’s Bay’s local office and two full-time staff will be based at the new Rural Health Learning Centre.

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