Healthy lifestyle club in Dover will help more get fit like Haydn did

Run by Kent Community Health NHS Trust, the scheme kicks off at Dover Christchurch Academy on Monday, January 7. It is designed for families who need to make changes to their routine and offers help, support and practical advice in a fun and friendly atmosphere.

Haydn Martin, 12, joined a Ready, Steady, GO! club in Ashford, with his mum Amanda. He had been the target of school bullies who taunted him about his weight.

He said: “The school told us about the course and we thought we would give it a try as it involves everyone in the family.”

Haydn said the club has helped him to think more carefully about what he eats and how much he exercises.

He said: “We have an hour where we talk about things like food labels and portion sizes and then we get to play games.

“We even went in the gym for a session, which I really enjoyed.

“I’ve cut back on things like chocolate, crisps and fizzy drinks, which is obvious really. However, there are other things like flavoured yoghurts and cereal bars which you think are healthy but actually have loads of sugar in them.”

Haydn has lost an inch from his waist since starting the course, but for mum Amanda the difference is more than physical. She said: “Ready, Steady, GO! has given Haydn’s self-esteem such a boost.

“He’s so enthusiastic now about things like taking the dogs for a walk and we will be going swimming more often as a family. It has made a big difference to us all.”

Beverley Falconbridge, health improvement specialist, said: “Healthy kids are happy kids and if you and your family are ready to make some changes, we would love to help.

“With games, tips, support and ideas, Ready, Steady, GO! can get you and your family on the way to a happier, healthier future. No lectures, just good fun. Best of all – it’s free.”

For more information or to find out if the Ready, Steady, GO! programme is right for your family, call the NHS Healthy Weight Team on 0800 849 4000 and select option five.

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