House GOP leaders have questions for White House on health care law

House Speaker John Boehner and other House of Representatives Republican leaders want more answers from the White House about the new health care law.

"Your decision to delay one part of the law affecting employers and leave in place provisions regulating individual and family health care creates many new questions and concerns,"  they wrote Tuesday. Boehner, as well as most congressional Republicans, have been trying for years to repeal the law and replace it with other provisions.

Boehner's request: " In order to fully understand the implications of your decision, please provide to Congress any analysis conducted by the agencies regarding the impact of the delay in the employer mandate with respect to  the change in the number of individuals receiving subsidies through the exchange for calendar year 2014, the change in the number of individuals expected to pay the individual mandate penalty for calendar year 2014, the change in the number of employers who currently provide health care coverage,changes in federal outlays and revenues…" and other matters.

Among them:


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