How Many Americans Have Lost Their Health Insurance Under ObamaCare?

On The Kelly File, we saw some updated numbers about just how many Americans have lost their health plans since the launch of ObamaCare.

More than 4.2 million Americans have now seen their health insurance policies canceled due to the new regulations.

Megyn Kelly went over the numbers with Robert Laszewski, president of Health Policy and Strategy Associates, noting that so far, the Obama administration has placed the blame for the cancelations on the insurance industry.

“Your 4.2 million number is an interesting one. That’s what the count is up to. It’s going to get much higher than that. We’re going to have these cancelations going into 2014,” said Laszewski, predicting that ultimately, 80 percent of people in the individual market will lose their policy due to ObamaCare regulations.

He explained that the “grandfather” provisions written into ObamaCare are “so stringent that very, very few [individual] health insurance policies are going to survive.”

Watch the full interview, and tune in to The Kelly File, tonight at 9p/12a ET as Megyn takes a look at why military families’ health insurance could be under fire!

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