How to Have a Happy Family, Good Health, And More Wealth

How to Have a Happy Family, Good Health, And More Wealth And, in this article you’re about to learn a simple secret which will enable you to have all these.

But before I tell you that very secret let’s find the meaning of critical success factors.

Critical success factor (CSF) is the term for a set of factors that are necessary for an organization to achieve its mission.

For example, a CSF for a successful Information Technology project is user involvement along with buying and implementing the software.

If user involvement is not achieved the whole project crashes. Weakness in any one factor like the ‘user involvement’ means the project is unlikely to achieve its stated outcome.

Similarly, when it comes to a happy family, good health and more wealth there are some critical success factors which are as follows:

Family: We often talk about love, compassion, and enjoyment when we talk about family. Love is the most important element or CSF without which a family is not a family and In order to have a happy family remember the word ‘LUV’ this stands for:

L: Listening

U: Understanding

V: Valuing

These three are the critical success factors for a happy family. Happy family members not only listen and understand each other but also place a high value on each other’s aspirations, opinions and values.

As a result they work like an indispensable part of a meaningful family life. If any one element is absent from this be it listening, understanding or valuing then the whole happiness of the family gets in chaos.

Health: I will not say ‘Health is Wealth’ because my experience has taught me that even wealth is lost by negligence and mistakes. And, same applies to health. If you neglect it every day your health will start to deteriorate. The CSF that can guarantee you a good health and a longer life are wrapped in the word ‘REDD‘ you may read it as ‘RED’ which stands for:

R: Rest

E: Exercise

D: Diet

D: Doctor

REST: By properly resting for 7-8 hours you’ll recharge your body and make it ready for the next day. Rest also means your ability to put your mind to rest when you’re threatened by anxiety, nervousness, discomfort or negativity.

Exercise: Regular exercise is important for maintaining a good level of health. The key benefits of exercising helps in reducing the possibility of developing and/or dying from heart disease, controls high blood pressure, tackles cholesterol, fights cancer, prevents diabetes and builds muscles, bones, joints and offers many other important benefits.

Diet: It’s said ‘You’re what you eat’. With so many researches going on various foods and dietary habits it’s important that you follow the advice instead of swallowing whatever comes to your eating plate. By properly training yourself to eat good diet you increase your health and vitality.

Doctor: By properly resting, exercising and by taking good diet you’re already ahead of many people who not care about their health. But, you can’t eliminate the doctor’s opinion which is essentially required if you’re ill or suffering from some sort of disease.

It also involves regular medical check-up which after 40 years of age is necessary for catching any early symptoms of chronic or life threatening diseases.

WEALTH: The CSF for wealth is ESI (You may pronounce it as ‘Easy’). Wealth making is one of the important responsibilities of an individual. It starts with the following:



E-Earn: The first step toward making money is to earn it. Earning helps you to spend money on your needs which may be necessities, comforts or even luxurious.

S-Save: The next step is to put aside as much as you can into a saving accounts. Saving is a good habit and if followed on a continuous basis yields enormous results. Those who fail to save fail to build wealth too.

I-Invest: The third step is to invest the money you saved. If you don’t invest, inflationary pressure may impact your current value of money. Investing in tangible assets like gold, real estate, commodities and even fixed deposits are essential. Also, you may have to invest on yourself too. Don’t hesitate if you think you need to learn a new course or skill to improve your earnings.

So, remember when it comes to a happy family the word is ‘LUV’; for health it is ‘REDD’ and for wealth it is ESI (read as easy).

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