Intentional Living in Action: Alejandra Etcheverry

In the spirit of FRESH starts here at The Intentional Lifestyle, we’re beginning a new series on our blog. Many of our clients, colleagues, readers and members of our community have shared their own personal testimony of how our tips, resources and tools have helped them to start or re-start the healthy goals they have set for themselves in their lives. Starting today, we’ll be posting about how our approach has helped real people, (just like you!) to live a healthy, more intentional lifestyle!

Here is the first interview from past cooking class participant, Alejandra Etcheverry! Ale has seen such awesome results in her own life and is ready to help others do the same. She’s currently enrolled to attend the Spring FRESH Start Academy where she’ll learn how to help others on their own journey by becoming a FRESH Start Coach!

TIL:  What was the turning point in your life that prompted your desire and on-purpose pursuit in this healthy lifestyle change?  

Ale:  I made a small change in my diet…I quit eating sugar and soon enough I began experiencing big changes in my mood and my body. I started to feel more energetic, happier and didn’t have the mid-morning or mid-afternoon crashes. To be honest, what most motivated me was how my clothes were fitting! I was losing weight without dieting or starving myself! I loved how I looked and felt with just this one change in my lifestyle.

TIL: What one piece of advice would you give someone who is considering committing to a healthy lifestyle change?

Ale:  Dare to take the first step! That is the hardest part. Then comes the second, the third and when you realize you are already changing little things in your life for good you will feel it, you WILL notice a difference in you and your family! You will love it and not want to go back to those old habits ever again!

TIL:  What has been your #1 resource to use as you pursue your best health?

Ale:  My coach, Bess Blanco, has been a close and loved friend in which I trust, but also a great example of living a healthy life and pursuing happiness. She has been a great influence during my journey to a healthier lifestyle. I was there when she gave her very first cooking/coaching class and she had so much information that night – I wish now that I had taken a video camera to get it all!!! You could feel her passion for health and see how it had changed her life. I wanted that for me too. Her FB page, her book, her webinars, etc. are mind blowing! She is a overflowing with so much information – I never stop learning from her.

TIL:  What has been the toughest challenge for you in this journey?

Ale:  I have a Latin Husband who loves to eat and eat well!! Changing his eating habits has been the toughest! He loves his rice, salad, meat, and potatoes…all in one meal! It is so hard for me to cook two things at a time, so sometimes I just have to go with the flow and eat what he loves (which is not always healthy), but I am not giving up on him! I am sure once he is committed to change his bad habits, he will love it too.

TIL:  What has been the greatest reward?

Ale:  All the knowledge I acquired with the Intentional Lifestyle has been amazing! I am a better mom because I am able to give my kids a better nutrition. I know that I am making better choices for them and that they will learn and carry on with this lifestyle as they grow. For me, eating healthy is a learning process in which I will never stop learning. We need to read, study, and practice what we learn so we can live a better, healthier life…just as God has planned for all of us.

Do you have a story about how the products, services, or even just reading our website or seeing us on social media has helped you live more intentionally? We’d love to hear from you! Let us know how The Intentional Lifestyle has helped you live a healthier lifestyle by shooting us an email or leaving a comment below.

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