Mrs. Oregon’s 2013 Healthy Kids Day and Health Fair

“I believe that kids innately want to be healthy and make good choices. Children are our future, as parents, teachers, business owners, state leaders, healthcare workers, and other role models for children; it’s our job to teach them about healthy habits.” – Tara Arnold, RN

Healthy Kids Day & Health Fairs will include:

Benefits and Goals of Movin’ It with Mrs. Oregon:

For the first time, children are facing a shorter lifespan than their parents. A large percentage of Americans are being overfed and yet are undernourished in many basic nutrients. In Oregon, more than one in five youths is overweight or obese. The facts show that 80% of overweight children become overweight adults, creating a risk for many avoidable health conditions, including: type 2 diabetes, hypertension, and coronary artery disease, among others.

Mrs. Oregon 2013, Tara Arnold, RN established Movin’ it with Mrs. Oregon, November, 2013. This non-profit organization is aimed at providing support in Family Health Education and Awareness of Childhood Obesity. Movin’ It with Mrs. Oregon, a traveling campaign, offers interactive education about healthy eating habits and fun fitness options though health fair events around Oregon. They strive to spark motivation and interest in children to have healthier habits and to enjoy exercise!

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