Radio ad launched to celebrate affirmation of Affordable Care Act— Maryland Health Care for All

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RADIO AD LAUNCHED BY HEALTH CARE FOR ALL! COALITION TO CELEBRATE ELECTION’S REAFFIRMING OF AFFORDABLE CARE ACT The Maryland Health Care For All! Coalition today began playing in the Baltimore Washington media market a new 60-second radio ad that celebrates the reaffirming of the Affordable Care Act by the re- election of President Obama this week. The ad is below.

“We will work closely with the O’Malley-Brown Administration to make sure that this law is fully implemented in Maryland. Our radio ad reminds Marylanders that this will expand health care to hundreds of thousands of people and make health care more affordable for all of us.”

60 second radio ad Man: Thank goodness the election is over.

Woman: And there’s more good news: The President’s reelection means we’ll finally see health care reform. Know what that means for us?

Man: Uh… Uninsured families will get coverage—but our family already has health insurance. Woman:

Man: I didn’t know that.

Woman: And, the new law will bring about $ 10 billion dollars to Maryland over six years, creating thousands of good-paying jobs for people like us.

Man: I didn’t know that.

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