Realities of Obamacare–Kentucky family’s health insurance triples in cost!

Americans blessed with brains (even small ones) SHOULD be contacting their Senators.

Yesterday, I think it was, I watched the very FIRST explanation (on tv) regarding what the real COST to an individual will be. I’ll condense this, but I think it was PBS – and the person they used was an African American gentleman who was actually happy about BOcare. His statistics went like this, best I recall.

Late 50′s. His monthly premium will be something like $ 250 per month (rounded off), and his yearly deductible will be $ 6,000 per year. That means he will pay, in any given year – OUT OF HIS OWN POCKET – BOTH the $ 250 monthly premium ($ 2,500 PER YEAR) to the insurance company – and then UP TO $ 6,000 THAT SAME YEAR IF HE HAS SERIOUS MEDICAL BILLS.

For that gentleman, he will be paying at the very least $ 2,500 (JUST FOR A POLICY) and then — (up to $ 6,000)… ALL OF HIS OWN MEDICAL BILLS (up to $ 6,000). The insurance only helps if he has some major incident or illness during any given year.

Which brings us back to why Obamacare is just a nice kissy-face GIFT TO THE INSURANCE GIANTS. INSURANCE IS NOT HEALTH CARE.

The prez uses those terms interchangeably. He will say Repubs don’t want people to have health care (a bald faced lie), when what he means is that Republicans are getting in the way of OBAMA GIVING A BIG SMOOCHY FACED GIFT TO THE INSURANCE GIANTS.

Again, for those in Loma Linda AND Lucas County:


What Next?

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