Save Time, Live Healthy: Hire a Personal Chef and Shopper

The Rolling Stones were lying when they sang that time was on their side. Time isn’t on anyone’s side.

Twenty-four. That’s how many hours provided in a day, and, really, a third of that goes to sleep (or a quarter, or a sixth – however the sleeping pattern). The time constraint makes it hard on the consumer for various including eating healthy.

It’s not just breakfast that’s the most important meal of the day, it’s food in general. And yet America’s obesity rate continues to soar higher.

So, why don’t Americans take their food consumption more seriously? It all comes back to time. More people are finding that hiring personal chefs and shoppers are a new option to eat healthier and save time.

Jessica Young, a private chef in Manhattan and a graduate from the French Culinary Institute, said most people who hire personal chefs want that family-style meal or want to eat healthier, but time constraints play a large role in making it nearly impossible to put together themselves.

“They don’t have a lot of time to cook,” she said. “And it’s not healthy to go out to restaurants all the time.”

She added that requesting weekly food preparation when hiring personal chefs can be cost effective. She said many private chefs have clients that only require their services once or twice a week.

“At the end of the day you saved money,” she said. “Your fridge is stocked and you can eat a healthy meal at any time.”

Young mentioned there are also clients who only ask for simple foods. Although this request may not be entirely healthy, it is cheaper and she advises to use culinary students rather professional chefs.

“It depends on the client,” she said. “Most in the city want something healthy. They’ll sit down with the chef. It’s like any good relationship – you have to find the right match.”

p>Andrea Nero, a registered dietitian, agrees with the sentiment that one of the biggest benefits to using a hired chef is for health reasons. She helps clients who suffer from chronic conditions such as diarrhea or headaches create personalized diets. Although these situations are quite rare, she said anyone can use the services of a personal chef to enhance their healthy lifestyle.

“I would recommend personal chefs and shoppers to any families trying to eat healthier and are very pressed for time,” she said. “Cost certainly can be an issue, but may be worth it in terms of time savings, convenience, and the long-term health benefits of eating nutritious foods.”

There are plenty of services out there for personal chefs and grocery shoppers, but one of the largest available is TaskRabbit, an online subcontracting business for small tasks. If time is really a concern, this online errand-running marketplace may be a perfect fit.

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“It definitely saves time,” he said. “And it’s putting money back into the neighborhood because it’s your neighbors doing it.”

This is one reason why many people are using TaskRabbit, which has more than 4,000 subcontractors who tackle tasks like house cleaning, pet sitting, and IKEA furniture assembly. Most people trust their neighbors and for those who are still a little uncertain, each subcontractor goes through a five-step application process, which includes background checks.

“It all depends on what the client needs,” he said. “It’s definitely common. Some will have them teach them how to create the meals. It’s difficult for others, who, between soccer practice and volleyball practice, don’t have time to make the meals for their large families. “

The cost varies depending on the size of the grocery load or how many meals need to be created, but in the scheme of time and health, the dollar may be worth stretching a little more.

With the holiday season here, TaskRabbit is seeing an increase in traffic just like many households see a lot of traffic in and out of their homes. For those running low on time or who hate dealing with the hustle and bustle of the holidays, TaskRabbit has subcontractors offering their services for decorating, gift wrapping, Christmas shopping, Christmas card writing and mailing, and Christmas tree removal.

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