“UNFPA and UNESCO promote Reproductive Health, healthy lifestyle and gender equality through Soap Opera storytelling

UNFPA and UNESCO start new cycle of production of Radio Soap Opera“Shahar bekatlari” in 2013.  For many years both organizations promoted Reproductive Health, Gender Equality and HIV/AIDS Prevention through Radio Soap Opera–very effective and efficient form of non-formal education. Non-formal education is the best form of conveying a certain message in modern world where things surrounding us are changing too fast obliterating the slow methods of formal education. Not only is it widely accepted by the people but also the non-formal education is entertaining and attractive to most. Understanding this, UNFPA in collaboration with UNESCO has been for many years supporting the development of Silk Road Soap Opera through story telling on radio Zamin-FM’s transmissions nationwide.

Since 1999 Silk-Road Radio project under UNESCO’s aegis has been successfully going on – and dealing with – pertinent social issues in Uzbekistan through its soap operas and storyline reports. Silk-Road Radio project produced the Silk-Road Soap entitled “Har Dardning Davosi Bor” transmitted on National Radio channels and the City Soap Opera entitled “Shahar bekatlari” transmitted on independent FM station Zamin-FM 105.8. The City Soap Opera is produced since 2003.

In 2006 both, UNFPA and UNESCO agreed to join efforts on production of City Soap Opera through a joint project. Since then this partnership resulted in high popularity of the Soap Opera among radio listeners. A survey conducted among people of 15-24 showed that 10 percent of the respondents listened the Soap Opera at least once in 2011. In 2013, the same as in previous years, 56 episodes of the City Stops and 28 storyline reports will be produced specifically focusing on sexual and reproductive health, STI, HIV/AIDS prevention, gender issues and prevention of drug use and aired on the Radio Zamin FM 105.8

UNFPA is insisting public focus on Reproductive Health Rights and in 2013 particular attention will be given to the following key topics in the City Soap Opera storylines:

The overall goal of the Soap Opera is to raise awareness of the population and civil society on the issues of reproductive health and rights, access to reproductive health services, youth and adolescent health, including family planning, HIV/AIDS and other sexually-transmitted infections, AIDS–related stigma and discrimination, as well as education through the storylines of the City Soap Opera on the airwaves of Radio Zamin FM on 105.8.

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