Why This Teen is Making her Family’s Lifestyle Healthier

Thanks to 17-year-old Olivia Basso her parents are now leading a much healthier lifestyle. But more than just eating better or working out more, she has encouraged her dad to get his blood pressure checked. Learn more about how Olivia accomplished this and what you can do to improve your dad’s (and whole family’s) health too!

DoSomething.org: How did your dad react when you asked him to get his blood pressure checked?

Olivia Basso: My dad was a little surprised I asked him. He has gone to the doctor’s before to get it checked and it was a little high. He knew it was good to get it checked so he didn’t mind doing it again!

DS: Was it easy to convince him to go? Did you use any special tactics?

OB: It was pretty easy to convince my dad. Like I said, he knew it was good to get it checked out. I didn’t have to use any special tactics for him to go. He is excellent when it comes to being healthy. He knew if I asked him to do this then it was important! He would do anything to make his kids happy.

DS: Did your dad come back with a clean bill of health?

OB: My dad’s results revealed that his blood pressure was a little high. He has been working to get his blood pressure lower by eating healthier foods. He gets a lot of exercise everyday with his job. He works everyday to be healthy.

OB: I’ve been extremely happy seeing the results! My dad has always been there for me and it makes me ecstatic that he wants to keep being healthy. I want my dad to be there for when I’m old. He’s been my rock and he always gives awesome advice. Him living a happy, long life is way more important than any amount of money. This campaign has shown me the importance of being heart healthy! I’m overwhelmingly happy that I viewed this website. It has taught me a lot and it is very important. I suggest everyone should view the website. I’ve definitely told my friends to do it!

DS: What is your family doing now to stay healthy?

OB: My family has been doing a lot to be healthy. We buy lots of fruits and vegetables to snack on when we are hungry. Our dinners consist of heart healthy foods. We try to avoid eating red meats; it is replaced with chicken and turkey. It is important to find healthy alternatives to foods! My family knows the signs of high blood pressure. We go to the doctor’s office every year and get our blood pressure checked. My family knows the importance of health. We plan on living a healthy life!

DS: One year later, how has your dad’s blood pressure changed?

OB: My dad has definitely gotten healthier over the past year. He still eats healthy food. His job helps keep him fit because he has to walk a lot. He goes to the doctor to get checked up on. He is very happy that he is healthy. He is proud of me for being healthy as well. I’m thankful to have him in my life. God has really blessed me.

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