6 Unexpected Benefits Of Eating A Plant-Based Diet

Five short years ago, my journey toward a healthier lifestyle began as a quest to improve my family’s digestion issues. During that time, I began to ask many questions, research endlessly, and teach myself how to cook.

I couldn’t deny the evidence suggesting that a plant-based diet might get me where I wanted to go: optimal energy, weight loss and disease prevention. In fact, I learned that many of our chronic ailments and diseases today can be avoided by diet and lifestyle changes.

Ultimately, my family’s health was restored with some simple diet changes.

But there was a larger shift happening. Eating higher quality food was not only bringing about a healthier version of myself but also a more confident, truer ME.

My switch to a plant-based diet was the result of my research on prevention, but I’ve learned (and experienced) along the way that there are many other benefits of eating this way. Here are six types of positive results that I didn’t expect, but that helped me feel even better about leading a plant-based life.

1. I’m doing some good for the environment.

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