All about the diet Victoria Beckham, Jennifer Aniston, and Gwyneth Paltrow’s swear by.: The A-List

But according to its proponents, giving up these acidic foods is a small price to pay for the benefits. The diet has been purported to do everything from slowing the aging process and preventing cancer to aiding in weight loss.

Still, the science behind the diet’s claims isn’t clear. A 2012 report, published in the Journal of Environmental and Public Health gave the diet mixed reviews for its effectiveness. While Nolan concedes the plan is pretty healthy overall, she isn’t convinced of the pH-balancing premise behind the diet.

“Our body regulates our pH between 7.35 and 7.45 no matter how we eat,” Nolan told WebMD. “Clinical studies have proved without a doubt that people who eat more fresh fruits and vegetables and hydrate properly do have lower rates of cancer and other diseases, but it probably has nothing to do with blood pH.”

While the diet may not have science supporting its claims, it continues to have Hollywood’s backing. Beckham even makes her family healthy meals from the Alkaline cookbook, Honestly Healthy.

“Love this healthy eating cookbook!! X,” the wife of soccer star David Beckham tweeted on Jan. 11, along with a picture of Honestly Healthy.

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