Bulletproof Radio Podcast #53 Raw Vegan vs. Bulletproof

Kristen Suzanne 300x174 Bulletproof Radio Podcast #53 Raw Vegan vs. Bulletproof

In 2005, Kristen walked away from her corporate career in executive-level operations to focus on her true passion: healthy food. Already a vegan for two years, she turned her attention to the raw vegan cuisine and lifestyle, initially teaching classes and providing personal chef services, but as her online audience grew, she ultimately shifted to full-time blogging, recipe development, and eventually publishing 12 books on raw vegan diets. By 2012, concerns with her and her child’s health forced her to reevaluate the nutritional claims made by advocates of raw and vegan diets.

After Kristen introduced high quality animal products into her family’s diet, she saw dramatic improvements almost immediately. Her family now eats a diet high in grass-fed beef and butter, bison, pastured eggs, and wild-caught seafood, while avoiding grains, gluten, and soy. While her personal transformation and conversion from vegan to omnivore has been controversial in the vegan and raw food community, Kristen has been on hiatus from blogging to spend time researching and fully exploring the nutritional and culinary aspects of eating in this new way for her family.

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