Diet Care encourages families to eat healthy with the launch of its Cook Book 2013 | ME

Since its establishment, Diet Care has taken up various initiatives including Get Healthy Campaign, Gethealthykuwait.com, organising different nutritional events and participating in a variety of Social and health awareness campaigns across Kuwait that includes schools, malls, and different local organizations to improve lifestyles and nutrition. Kuwait’s leading dieticians, nutritionists and trained experts at the diet care have put together various recipes in the cook book including Fish Basaliya served with Saj Bread, Chicken Jareesh, Kuwaiti Cheese Cake and Cherry almond Slash that are low in calories and taste great at the same time. Readers can also read about the nutritional contents for each recipe, healthy cooking tips and the benefits of various nutrients found in the recipe.

Mariam Al Othman, Assistant General Manager-Production, Diet Care concluded by saying: “Low calorie food is generally associated to being tasteless and boring, but that’s not the case with the recipes in our cook book. The meals are healthy, easy to prepare and also filled with taste. “Healthy Cooking” reflects a fresh attitude to cooking which promotes good health and well being through incorporating a healthy and nutritious diet into our day-to-day lives.

5000 copies of the “Healthy Cooking” by Diet Care cook book have been published and are available throughout the three Diet care branches and 16 boutiques across Kuwait.

About Diet Care:

diet care logo 300x143 Diet Care encourages families to eat healthy with the launch of its Cook Book 2013 | ME

Since its establishment, Diet Care has become the leading provider of gourmet nutritional food in Kuwait and serves a growing customer base of tens of thousands of people, families and offices through its network of in-store outlets and various weight loss meal programs. All Diet Care products are developed by Diet Care’s team of world-class nutritionists and dietitians, and overseen by talented chefs.

The company, which started with providing individual customers and families with personalized nutritional plans offered through 28-day meal home-delivery programs, is the largest Kuwaiti company in its field, the only one that operates a microbiology lab to oversee product quality, and the only nutritional provider in Kuwait certified by the international Arab Center for Nutrition and awarded Superbrand Status.

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