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When starting a family health and fitness program (as we challenged readers to do earlier this month), it’s not unusual to encounter some obstacles or resistance. Maybe you think your kids tune you out when you talk about health. Perhaps you’ve already run out of fun ideas for physical activity. Or, what if your child just doesn’t like sports? Relax! We’ve gathered some outstanding resources to help you keep your family on the road to a healthy, active lifestyle—even when kids balk, schoolwork beckons, or a chill in the air keeps you indoors.

Having a fit, healthy body is an important component of your child’s overall wellness, and as a virtual school or homeschool parent, you have the flexibility to schedule healthy physical activity during the school day. Some online schools provide scheduling and activity tracking tools to help you manage and track your child’s exercise and study time. Be sure to use this fantastic benefit of schooling at home to help your child establish a healthy, active routine for life!

What fun and funny fitness activities have you enjoyed with your family? Share your kookiest and most creative ideas in the comments.

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