Family Fitness Sessions Coming to a Park Near You!

untitled2 Family Fitness Sessions Coming to a Park Near You!

Knutsford – The Moor

Wilmslow – The Pleasure

Alderley Edge – Alderley Edge Park

Sandbach – Sandbach Park

Congleton – Congleton Park

Macclesfield – South Park

So why choose Pro-Fit21 and Family Fitness Bootcamps? Looking after your family has become about more than just providing them with food and shelter, there’s now the added pressure of ensuring they eat right and stay fit and healthy. A fitter, healthier child will perform better in school, be less susceptible to illness and be generally more able to enjoy their childhood. Being active is all part of this, and there’s no better time to get them active than in the summer holidays when the weather is nice and children can benefit from a huge boost of vitamin D from the sun. As a parent, it is also important for you to stay physically fit, not only in terms of setting a good example but also in terms of your life and what you want to achieve.

Pro-Fit21’s Family Fitness Bootcamps offer the opportunity for families to stay fit and healthy together in the beautiful surroundings of your local park. You will be met by 2 trainers from Pro-Fit21 who will take you through a whole group warm-up. After this you will split into parents and kids and be taken off to do separate fitness activities within close proximity so they will always be in sight. The children’s part will be based around developing coordination and balance, maintaining flexibility, getting the heart pumping and most of all fun! For the adults there will be a variety of activities including; Bootcamp style circuits, Boxercise and Core Stability which again are designed to be fun and effective! Trainers are very open minded and will be open to suggestions each week. From the moment you sign up you’ll be sent regular emails by the Pro-Fit21 team with hints and tips on how to stay healthy over summer, particularly with regards to what you eat. A family that plays together, stays together, but a family that trains together, gains together! So get yourself down

For more information on these Family Fitness Bootcamps email info@pro-fit21.com and we’ll give you full details on how to sign up and what you need to do after this. The first sessions start 29July so sign up as soon as you can before the places go! The limit is 16 families per area for each session so booking is essential! We hope to see you over the holidays!

*Tip for the today – Start each day with 3 different kinds of berry (blueberry, blackberry, raspberry, cranberry, goji berry, strawberry…there’s loads to choose from!) to load your body with fibre, anti-oxidants and those all-important micro-nutrients that keep us fit and healthy!  

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