Family Time Fitness Products Review and Giveaway (Total ARV 1)!

Family Time Fitness Products Review and Giveaway Family Time Fitness Products Review and Giveaway (Total ARV 1)!

Disclosure: I was given a copy of the Core 1 Curriculum Program to facilitate my review. I was not required to give a positive review. All opinions are honest and my own. This post contains affiliate links at no cost to you.

Why I Recommend Family Time Fitness Family Time Fitness products are great for

After raising two children who became elite athletes, I truly realized the value of daily exercise for healthy habits as children and later on as adults. I’ve been happily surprised to see how committed my now-adult children are to their health and physical fitness after athletic training and having healthy habits throughout childhood.

I didn’t plan for my kids to be athletes. I homeschooled Will and Christina through high school, but I didn’t have a good program for their physical education in the beginning. I wasn’t an athlete growing up, so physical education was our weakest subject. If Family Time Fitness would have been available back then, I definitely would have used it. Since we didn’t have a good physical education program, physical education was hit-or-miss in the early years of our homeschooling. We did some stunts and tumbling (my favorite athletic activities) and introduced various sports (thanks to my husband, who was an athlete), but Will wasn’t very interested. We just assumed he wasn’t an athlete.

When Will was introduced to skiing through Cub Scouts just before turning 8, we discovered he was a natural and had an amazing sense of balance. Later on, we discovered that foot sports in particular were his specialty. Even though he had a late start, Will went on to become an international competitor in pairs figure skating. Christina loved dance and almost every sport from the beginning, so for her it was just a matter of following her interests to find the best sport for her.

A program like Family Time Fitness would have given Will a solid foundation and regular physical fitness from the beginning. It would also have helped us identify his strengths and interests much sooner.

Family Time Fitness Core and Platinum Curriculum Programs The Family Time Fitness programs are designed for ages 5-13, although there are many activities that could be used with younger and older children. I have a post with Montessori-inspired physical fitness for preschoolers using Family Time Fitness lessons.

The Family Time Fitness materials are easily downloadable and can be used on a computer, tablet, or smart phone. My preference would  be to have the materials on a tablet for easy accessibility indoors or outdoors. If you don’t have an easy way to take the online materials outdoors, there’s a one-page summary for each lesson you can print out and take outdoors with you.

Now, there’s also a book version with DVD demonstration videos for the Core 1 Curriculum.

I love that the lessons are simple and unintimidating for parents without an athletic background. Each lesson has a description of the activity and a short video demonstrating the activity. The equipment needed is inexpensive and easily purchased, such as hula hoops, jump ropes, bean bags, playground balls, cones, measuring tape and a stop watch.

If you can’t do some of the activities outdoors, you can even do them indoors in a rec room or your living room. I really appreciate that the activities are designed for use with multiple ages and are fun ways to develop gross-motor skills and get exercise at the same time. This is a program any family can do.

Core 1 Physical Education Curriculum (K-8) $ 57

156 Lessons, Book Version of Core 1 with DVD Demonstration Videos, $ 57

Here’s an overview of the Family Time Fitness Homeschool Core 1 Curriculum Program:

The Platinum Fitness Package ($ 127) If Purchased Individually – Regular Web Price  would be $ 189

Core 1 ( 260 Lessons) $ 57 included Core 2 ( 260 Lessons) $ 57 Included BasketBall Module $ 17 Included K-1st Workbooks Vol 1-4 $ 12 Included 2nd-3rd Workbooks Vol 1-4 $ 12 Included 4th- 5th WorkbooksVol 1-4 $ 12 Included Note: Family Time Fitness has other great fitness products as well. Be sure to check out the site thoroughly! One of optional entries will be for visiting Family Time Fitness and leaving a blog post comment here telling something you learned.

Reviews from Homeschooling Families Since my kids are grown, I can’t give a review of the program in action. Here are links to some helpful reviews by homeschool families who were able to test out the programs in their homeschools:

The Giveaway What You Will Win: 1 VERY LUCKY grand prize winner will win a $ 127 Family Time Fitness Platinum Package!

1 LUCKY winner will win a $ 57 Book Version Core 1 with DVD Demonstration Videos!

1 LUCKY winner will win a $ 57 Family Time Fitness Core 1 Package!

5 LUCKY winners will win $ 50 Gift Certificates for Family Time Fitness!

EVERYONE WHO ENTERS will receive 3 Workbooks for free ( K-1 Volume 1, 2nd – 3rd Volume 1, 4th – 5th Volume 1). These aren’t just workbooks … they include exercises and video links!

Be sure to use an e-mail address in your blog post comment through which you can be easily reached if you win (or to send your workbooks for entering).

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You must complete the Mandatory Entry to qualify for any additional entries. The giveaway closes 10:00pm MST on Tuesday, September 10. Best of luck!

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