FDA Rules Against Warning Labels on Foods Containing Dyes that May Affect Children’s Health

In my previous post here at The Intentional Lifestyle, we talked about . In that article, we discussed a hearing the FDA held in March of 2011 that gave many parents and health professionals hope.

After further investigation into the matter the team at TIL has found that the hearing from the Food and Drug Administration did NOT rule in favor of restricting food coloring dyes found in most foods. Here are the results we discovered, along with a link to the original article we found where you can find more details, if you’d like to research further on your own.

“In an 8-6 vote, an FDA advisory panel rejected recommending new warning labels for the huge number of food 

The FDA convened the panel to review a petition from a consumer group that wants the FDA to ban eight of the nine federally approved food dyes. The European Union already requires warning labels on foods containing the dyes.products that use artificial food colors.

By an 11-3 vote, the panel agreed with the FDA’s conclusion that there’s no solid proof that food dyes cause or worsen hyperactivity in children.

The panel also voted 13-1 that doctors should not recommend food-dye-free diets to parents of children with ADHD (attention deficit hyperactivity disorder), but should support parents who think giving such diets a try might be helpful to their children. This is the same advice given by a 1982 panel that discussed the issue.

Frustrated by the lack of definitive information, the panel voted 13-1 that the National Institutes of Health should support more research into a possible link between food dyes and ADHD”. ~ WebMD – FDA Rejects Labels for Food Dyes

So what does this mean for us?

Why is there no definitive information in the links between food dyes and hyperactive behavior?  Maybe the problem is because not enough people go to the extensive lengths of changing their diets and omitting foods containing dyes. Maybe they have not gone back to their doctors claiming all of the changes they have seen in their children since taking them off all of the junk. Maybe because it got better, they did not think to continue to educate (I dare say, even the doctors).

I for one learned in my own health the doctors and specialists do not always know how much diet affects your overall health! For years I suffered from debilitating migraine headaches, IBS, and joint pain at the ripe old age of 32.  iIt was so bad at one point that it would wake me up at night. I was always given prescriptions for pain, passed onto specialists,and generally told to just deal with it. I then went to a dietitian who helped me get onto a specialized diet of foods that do not react against my body. I immediately saw a difference and within a few short months, my symptoms cleared up totally! I had my life back and I was no longer living on the couch!

Where this has brought me today is that now I care more and am talking about health, nutrition and how to make our families healthier and happier. Although I may not be one who will get involved politically to do something about this problem, I do know I can make a difference. That difference starts at home. It began and continues with educating myself and my children to the dangers of consuming food dyes, too much sugar, and processed unhealthy foods. It also means I pay attention to how my body feels after I have eaten foods. As a mother and parenting coach, I feel a responsibility to you as well. It’s my obligation to pass information along to you and others just like you, so you too are more likely to feel the need to make different, healthier choices.

It has to start somewhere, why not start here?

Have you thought about this topic in depth? What are your thoughts on the connection between children’s health and food dyes? I’d love to hear them. Join me over on Facebook or in the comments below to talk about this more.

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