Fitness Over 40 – How To Improve Your Health – Conduct Your Own Health Check

If a device existed to assess how fit and healthy we are, it would be a top seller. If it also produced recommendations as how we could improve our levels of fitness and health it would be priceless. But such a device does not exist, and assessing our own levels of fitness is very complicated, we need to consider many factors.

However as a starting point below is a list of ten categories. To how many is you answer – No?

The closer that your answers are to 10 out of 10 will suggest that you are will be fit and in reasonably good health. If you take a detailed look at the ten questions you will see that the subject areas are all controllable by yourself, even question 3 about family health. That means your future fitness and health is in your own hands. With commitment from yourself and help from specialists, in terms of fitness and nutrition, you will be able to control your destiny

Any family history illnesses, split this into two sections.

Serious illnesses such as cancer, and specifically breast cancer, can run in the family. But being aware of that being the case can help you in making sure that you take as much preventative action as you can. There is strong evidence that illnesses such as heart disease and cancer are being influence by our lifestyles, with particular regard to whether we are reaching our Recommended Daily Intake for food nutrients such as vitamins and minerals. These nutrients are essential to support our immune system to fight attack from disease and to stimulate our recovery when we are ill.

In the case of many other family health problems, such as being overweight or obese, these are mainly influenced by family lifestyle, and can go back several generations. It is not the accepted norm that a whole family will be grossly overweight. But it is likely that poor eating habits existed throughout generations. You do not need to take part in that family regime, you can break out and plan your own life.

So we can go some way to measuring our levels of fitness and health, and the medical profession will give further help. But if you want to lead a better life, success is in your own hands.

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