Fun Family Fitness Activities & Getting Rid of Stitches

I’d like to start this post by applauding those readers who have not yet ditched their exercise routines for 2012, but are still diligently working out. The year-end rat-race and fatigue has conquered many people, leaving them exhausted, moody and ready for a break.

The problem with taking off time from your workout schedule is that you will probably have to start all over in the new year. So, if you want to avoid losing too much momentum over this period, you may want to consider making exercise a family affair. Even if you don’t do your usual 50-minute heavy cardio or strength training session daily, a good workout with the family will benefit everyone without making you lose momentum.

Family friendly exercises include:

Family exercise requires a little planning During the holidays most people (including the kids) usually do their own thing, leaving a little bit of time for the whole family. However, by using the time usually spent on boring or unhealthy activities to exercise together as a family, it will benefit everyone. Be sure to incorporate exercise into excursions or other activities, so that it doesn’t feel much like exercise. That’s how you’ll secure everyone’s buy-in.

Family exercise excuses The first session can go one of two ways:

Yeeehaw! That was FUN! Let’s do it again!

Nooooooo! NEVER again – I have a stitch!

Ditch the family exercise stitch Stitches are a sign that you need more exercise, so next time someone complains, instead of stopping, use these great remedies:

1. Breathe! Slow down and inhale deeply through your nose, exhaling slowly through your mouth.

2. Stretch! Stretch out your arms overhead for 20 seconds. Slowly lean over to the opposite side to the cramp.

3. Add salt. When life hand you stitches, add salt (on your tongue) and take a sip of water. The salt helps the muscles to absorb water, which should alleviate the cramp.

4. Prevention. Start the whole family on a liquid magnesium supplement. If it’s a little heavy on the younger tummies (or the older ones), carry along a magnesium spray or have regular baths in magnesium flakes.

They say that couples who train together, stay together. It’s also a fact that families who train together, have more fun together as exercising enhances everyone’s well-being, vitality and behavior, for the kids.

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