Gurgaon hosts health check-up camp for families of policemen

Around 400 women and children were examined by specialists and doctors during the camp. Medical tests like free hemoglobin estimation, bone densitometry assessment and other health parameters were also assessed at the camp.

Dr. Prem Nath said a healthy mother and child is an essential constituent of a healthy society. “Looking after the heath of family is responsibility of head of family. If an individual is assured of a healthy family, he/she will be able to devote undivided attention to his professional responsibility,” Dr. Nath said on the occasion.

GNHDA concentrated on family of police personnel who get less chance to spend more time with their families.

According to Dr. Devinder Arora and Dr. Rajesh Kataria, the facility was well utilized and the camp was very well attended.

The women wing was looked after by prominent obstetricians of Gurgaon which included Dr. Vandana Narula, Dr. Kiran Arora and Dr. Alka Mathur, among others. The children facility was looked after by prominent pediatricians of the city that included Dr. Deepak Ahuja, Dr. Nitish Kathuria, Dr. Ajay Arora and others.

Dr. Pushpa Sethi, another prominent obstetrician of Gurgaon also graced the occasion. Dr. K. Vidyarthi, a budding orthopaedic surgeon of Gurgaon looked after the problems related to bones and joints of the families of police personnel.

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