Gwyneth Paltrow’s Kids’ Diet: No Carbs Isn’t Healthy — NOT All Good

The Oscar winning actress created quite the bit of controversy with her new cookbook and diet practices! The blonde admitted that avoiding carbs leaves her children with ‘a specific hunger.’ Oh no! Although no one in her family has an allergy to glucose, Gwyneth Paltrow avoids giving grains to her family, which includes her son Moses, 6 and daughter Apple, 8. But our expert, Jackie Keller, nutritionist and Founding Director of NutriFit, claims this is a big mistake!

Gwyneth Paltrow’s Kids’ Diet: NOT Healthy “It is not well advised,” said the nutritionist. “They provide minerals and they are complex carbohydrates. Our brain needs carbohydrates for our brain to properly function.”

Gwyneth Claims That Gluten Is Bad In Gwyneth’s book, she writes “Every single nutritionist, doctor and health-conscious person I have ever come across . . . seems to concur that (gluten) is tough on the system and many of us are at best intolerant of it and at worst allergic to it.” However, Jackie says this is not true!

“It is a gross overstatement of science as we know it,” she says. “Grains is for brains!” This is an old statement, but Jackie says it is very true. They are a source of magnesium, Vitamin E, antioxidants, and OMGEA 3 fatty acids. Wholesome whole grains also have fiber. Then she posed a very serious question.

“Where does she think her kids are going to get fiber? Vegetables?” The nutrition expert says it’s really hard to get the full source of fiber from vegetables alone. “I would never do that to my child, and I raised three.”

Avoiding Grains Is Discouraged HollywoodLife.com also talked to pediatrician, Dr. Robert Hamilton, who also discourages avoiding grains.

“I feel it’s unnecessary really,” he says. All around the world, the foundation of people’s diets are carbohydrates and sugar. But what about the people who don’t like simple sugar like juice or Coke?

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