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According to the North Carolina State University’s department of family and consumer sciences, the diets of busy families are negatively affected by a lack of planning and organization as much as they are affected by lack of nutrition knowledge. Before you brush up on your nutrition facts, plan ahead and get yourself organized.

To boost the effect of healthy diet you need to have any physical activity. This could be exercises, jogging, games like tennis and badminton or even walking. Try to do this 2-4 times per week for at least 30 minutes, the more the better.

Healthy diet schedule

There is no fixed time and proposed time is only approximate.

* Breakfast around 10.30-11 am
* Lunch around 12.30-1.30 pm
* Snack around 3.30-4.30 pm
* Dinner around 7-8 pm

It is not important to keep the exact hours; you are busy person, arent you?

Important rule is not to eat after 8 pm, after this hour you can eat only vegetable salads. You can drink coffee, tea and water at any time. Sodas, juices or anything else is not allowed.


Breakfast a slice of whole grain bread with 25 grams (1 oz) feta cheese.
Lunch Baked meat fillet (chicken, veal, turkey) and salad (no sauce, only olive oil, salt and vinegar).
Snack a cup of plain yoghurt (no sugar or any other additives, just plain type yoghurt).
Dinner 200-250 grams baked (grilled) fish and salad. If you are busy to cook, than buy a can of tuna in brine, be careful to buy fillet tuna, not tuna chunks.


Breakfast Previous night boil 5 spoons of rice with seasonings and salt.
Put it in a box or small plastic bag and take it with you in the office. You can add cut on small pieces tomato and the rice becomes very juicy and tasty.
Lunch 200 gram of baked (grilled) meat fillet on your choice with a big salad (no sauce)
Snack an apple.
Dinner grilled fish with a salad.
Late cravings raw pumpkin seeds.


Breakfast 2 boiled eggs and 50 grams (2 oz) feta cheese.
Lunch 150 grams (5 oz) cottage cheese, tomato salad and 2 slices of whole grain bread. OR you can have again baked meat and salad.
Snack a banana.
Dinner Grilled fish and salad.
Late cravings 4 carrots.


Breakfast 3 spoons of oat meal, a spoon of honey and a cup of plain (not sweetened) yoghurt. Mix everything and eat it.
Lunch Baked meat fillet and salad.
Snack a cup of plain (not sweetened) yoghurt.
Dinner 2-3 scrambled eggs, grate some cheese over them and eat with big salad.
Late cravings Cucumbers with salt.


Breakfast a cup of milk.
Lunch Grilled meat fillet and salad.
Snack 50 grams ( 2 oz) raw walnuts.
Dinner Grilled fish and salad.
Late cravings a glass of milk.


Breakfast freshly squeezed grapefruit juice. There is big difference between freshly squeezed and juice from a bottle or package. Usually bottled and packed fruit juices have sugar. If you cant squeeze the grapefruit, than eat it .
Lunch tuna sandwich prepare from 2 slices of whole grain bread, a can of tuna fillet in brine, 5 olives, 2-3 lettuce leaves.
Snack cappuccino or milk with instant coffee, or just milk.
Dinner a pizza with a glass of wine okay this is Saturday night, you can relax lol
Late cravings you cant have cravings in Saturday, it is fun time.

eat what you want. There 3 rules. 1. Eat 3 times this day. 2. dont eat too much per serving. 3. Have 3 hours between meals.
Example menu:
Breakfast bake a slice of whole grain bread with grated cheese over it.
Lunch a pizza.
Dinner chocolate cake.

This diet for busy people set some rules, like you have meat for lunch and fish for dinner, but you can choose the type of meat and fish. Dont think it is boring to have always the same for lunch and dinner, because I dont want to limit you to my choices, but want to force you to choose healthy food alone. You need to know the principles behind the healthy diet and to try to figure out alone what is good for you.

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