Healthy or Not? 5 “Health Foods” You Shouldn’t Eat

Hi Marie! Hi Vani!

First, love you both! Marie, I was introduced to what you do in April of 2013 and Vani, it’s been over a year since I found you. This episode of MarieTV was so awesome! Vani, it has been so inspirational to see how much media acknowledgement you have attracted and that you have been able to spread the truth to so many people…the internet is such a great tool!

My path has been very similar to Vani’s, from the illness that changed her life to the quitting a cushy corporate job just this year to focus on helping Americans (hopefully, the world) lead healthier and happier lives. My background is in finance and I am still trying to weave through the never-ending web of social media. For the same reasons as Vani mentioned, I was never on social media, but the encouragement from friends and colleagues led me to start a blog, then facebook (not using my name but rather “Real Foods”), twitter, pinterest all in an effort to spread the truth about the food we consume and how it is a huge detriment to American society. My blog is at http://www.wordpress.com/realfoodslady

Through persistent research, I was able to tell people what they didn’t want to hear, but needed to know. People always responded in frustration, “so what am I supposed to eat?” I started meeting friends and colleagues at local grocery stores and teaching them how to shop. Anything I could do to get those I cared about and anyone else who was open to it, to eat more mindfully…and this is no small feat. It feels like a job just to know what you should and should not be eating. I laughed when Vani spoke about the carrageenan. I clearly remember researching this ingredient, then shoving the research studies in people’s faces saying, “Look! This ingredient is used to induce inflammation in lab animals. Just read the labels and avoid.” Research study link here: http://realfoodslady.wordpress.com/2012/11/26/lets-avoid-eating-inflammation/ You will see that lab mice were injected with carrageenin (same as carrageenan)- and arachidonic acid to induce paw edema.

I decided to take this passion of mine to another level by creating sweet treats that are GOOD FOR YOU. C’mon, what does everyone love? Sweets! Most people I know have a nagging sweet tooth so I figured this would be such a helpful product to have at one’s disposal. Every ingredient I use has health benefits (except baking powder and soda) and those benefits are clearly listed on my website at http://www.mindyourmuffin.com/our-ingredients. Initially, I made desserts and shared with those at my office, my friends and family. But then I received requests to bake a cake for an engagement party, then cupcakes and brownies for birthday parties and celebrations for diabetics. At this time, I was a financial planner by day and baker by night, which was very difficult to maintain as you can imagine. I was helping people in both ways, but one had to win out.

In March of this year, I left my security net and began dishing out healthy sweet treats across the country through my company Mind Your Muffin Co. I hope you ladies will check me out as I love interacting with passionate and intelligent people!

To a healthier and happier America,

Gina (aka Real Foods Lady)

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