How to boost your family’s health with raw living foods

 How to boost your family’s health with raw living foods

Are you a chocoholic? Do you crave sweet and fatty foods? Can you absolutely not live without convenience food?

Great! This makes raw, living foods a perfect addition to enhance your family’s health without having to give up the cravings you yearn for.

Confused how you can achieve such a healthy diet whilst still satisfying your cravings?

I bet the type of foods that came to mind when you read the words ‘living and raw’ were boring salads and vegetable sticks, the kind of foods your kids wouldn’t touch with a barge pole right?

Imagine how easy it would be to get your family eating more healthy if you could give them foods which were sweet, tasty and satisfying as well as being packed with nutrients, reaching over and above the governments recommended ‘5-a-day’ in just one sitting.

What exactly is raw food you may wonder?

Raw food is most commonly defined as non-animal foods consisting of fruit, vegetables, plants such as herbs and greens, nuts, seeds and grains.

Raw food is not necessarily served cold, but has not been heated over 42 degrees Celsius, just above body temperature. This means you can still eat a nice warm dish just as you eat a plate of cooked food that has cooled down and this is still considered raw.

Heating raw food without cooking it above 42 degrees is achieved using high-speed blenders and dehydrators or even ovens on the lowest setting.

Making sure food is not heated above this temperature ensures all the enzymes; vitamins, minerals and nutrients remain intact for optimum digestion and assimilation.

Although comforting and pleasurable to eat, cooked food is recognised by the body as a foreign substance that causes the immune system to launch an attack of white blood cells as if it were an invading toxin. This is why you often feel lethargic, heavy and drained after eating a cooked meal without any raw food added.

You don’t need to go 100% raw all the time to feel the health benefits of living foods. Furthermore you don’t have to dramatically cut out all of your existing comfort foods in one foul swoop. Instead why not try crowding out the ‘baddies’ in your diet by adding in more wholesome raw ‘goodies’ on top.

In this way you will find those undesirable foods will phase out naturally without you having to battle the addictive impulse.

The biggest bonus of adding in more enzyme rich, living foods is the convenience factor. As a vegan, high raw family we now spend far less time preparing food from fresh in the kitchen than most cooks do, perfect for those rushed mornings and exhausted evenings with the kids. When the kids complain they’re starving and just can’t wait, raw food is the answer!

As for those green salads and veggies you can’t get your kids to touch, why not try disguising them in a sweet, freshly juiced green juice. By using apples as the base and adding in a few green vegetables on top such as celery, cucumber and mint leaves, you can make sure they get their vegetable intake without a fuss.

Raw food also offers other clever ways to disguise vegetables such as blended sauces and dips. The most anti-green child has been fooled in to eating avocado by disguising it in an irresistible chocolate dessert!

As for snacks, what better food to have on the go than raw delights which need neither heating nor refrigeration such as a dried fruit and nut breakfast bar.

Here’s a list of my top 5 kid friendly raw delights which are perfect for all dietary needs including allergies to dairy, soya and gluten (with the exception of nuts):

 How to boost your family’s health with raw living foods

 How to boost your family’s health with raw living foods

 How to boost your family’s health with raw living foods

 How to boost your family’s health with raw living foods

 How to boost your family’s health with raw living foods

Here are a few simple ideas to add in raw food to your existing diet:


Add a banana with freshly blended coconut milk smoothie using fresh coconut meat added with water to a high-speed blender. Flavour with carob powder and dates for sweetness. (In addition lion heart herbs super smoothie mix will add a super nutrient punch)


Add a rainbow-grated salad to your meal consisting of fresh and grated carrot, beetroot, fennel and yellow courgette. You can also mix and match fruit in the salad such as sultanas with the carrots and apple with the beetroot. There seems to be something special about grating up these sorts of vegetables that makes them more appetising for kids.


Add a sweet green juice as a starter with apples as a base and any selection of green leafy vegetables such as kale or spinach, celery, cucumber and carrots. Juicing a small amount of beetroot (one quarter of a beet) will add a nice deep red colour to disguise the green colour of the juice.

There you have it, don’t take anything else out of your diet. Simply try adding in some of the suggestions and watch what happens!

To learn hands-on how to create amazing raw delights your kids will love visit www.theyogahealthcoach.co.uk to book your place on a ‘Raw food for kids’ workshop in Brighton @ Yoga Mamas, starting at the end of May.

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