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Fitness of body is for life and family fitness is not a short-term commitment that you can make to overcome a temporary phase in life. Hence, complete care must be given to ensure that the body is fit and healthy to help live a longer and healthier life. One factor that needs to be taken care of is that health and fitness is not for you alone but it matters to the entire family so it is mandatory that whatever regimen you follow to maintain a healthy life must be extended to the family also so that they too remain fit and healthy.

There are many ways you can ensure family fitness and that includes working out at home together, engaging in outdoor activities together and in short, doing together whatever fitness exercise is done by one or the other member of the family. One way to engage the young children is to ask them to teach you what they have learned in school or from their friends. This will give them the upper edge and also boost up their interest levels in exercise and fitness work outs. The children are likely to learn new exercises like martial arts, taekwondo and karate at school and you too can learn from them. With a reversal of roles, the child is now the teacher and hence more confident in doing the exercise.

The concept of family fitness is not limited to the children alone but also extends to the spouse too. So depending on where you live, you can make short trips to the park, skating ring if one is available nearby, engage in water sports if a water park is located in your town and even in trekking if you have the facility close by. All these sporting activities help to remain fit and healthy and such sporting activities can be an enjoyable experience if done together with the family members. You need to be the motivator for your children as well as your spouse so your own motivation levels should be extremely high.

Maintaining a healthy diet is also a very important factor to enhance the family fitness levels and this is done by keeping a track of the calories that are taken in by the family. At times children become a reason for breaking the routine and indulging in a few goodies that can be disastrous for health. But one fact that should be taken into consideration is that the breaking of the routine can at times be overlooked for the children but that should not be the case for you and your spouse, though it’s alright to do so and have fun with the children once in a while.

Most families today have working couples which leaves them no time to interact and bond with their children. Thus following a family fitness regime gives the children an opportunity to imbibe family values. Maintaining a fitness routine like Taekwondo can be bonding time too for the family especially in times when each member of the family is seen engrossed in their personal phone or laptop, the time spent together enhancing family fitness can be highly motivating and good for the family.

Trevor Dicks 7th Dan guides you on how to maintain family fitness based on his experience of teaching martial arts for over 35 years. For more information on family fitness please visit http://www.pacificinternationaltaekwondo.com.au/

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