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“Including an at home is old if have one treasure& rdquo;Because the old age of Chinese orifice turns, the old age healthily needs to be paid attention to.Being 60 years old is above of which sicknesses do the elderly patient want to prevent°fro?The person arrived 60 years old after,family health care plans, physiology function and immunity towing force extreme descent,family home health care, the sickness plexus livings.If don’t take into progressive treatment and prevention at this time,what is a health care plan, very difficult and variform sickness phase counterbalance.How to watch out for the semaphore that the disease suffers from?How to train for physical fitness?Have very important action to the healthy health that protects elderly patient.

which sicknesses do the elderly patient over 60 years of age want to advs?

a is an apoplexy.The hazards mainly flows from a H. Blood Press, smoking and Diabetes.The item that need to be checked has: heart auscultation,healthcare family, blood pressure survey and carotid artery review.(look into an afferent Geng block phenomenon)

two is a skin cancer.Hazards probably mainly is insolated by sunlight.The item that need to be checked has: overall skin review.

three is an oral cavity cancer.The hazards is probably cardinal fm smoke, drink.The item that need to be checked has: overall oral cavity review.

four is a thyroid cancer.The hazards probably flows from affinity damnification.The item that need to be checked has: touch thyroid gland.

at the same time, 60 years old above of the person should steer following blood and mammary gland and wet a liquid review just in time.

imprimis, check cholesterol every 5 years.

follow the undertake ketonuria test of the doctor’s order after the so year old secondly—Urialysis.

again,home health care pay, 75 before the year olds p.a., or check mammary gland once in two years.

the meal net is healthy sterigma tip:Health of by way of your family,top health care, the person after arriving 60 years old wants to complete a terminal physical examination.

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