Jillian Michaels Kids — ‘Hardcore The Biggest Loser’ Trainer Has Gone Soft

‘The Biggest Loser’ tough trainer revealed that being a mom to two kids under the age of three doesn’t leave much time to work out — and her booty has gone a little soft! Read on for more of her interview. Jillian Michaels is known for her in-your-face training on the NBC weight-loss competition show The Biggest Loser, but since welcoming two kids last May with her partner Heidi Rhoades, Jillian says she doesn’t have nearly as much time to focus on fitness as she used to! 

In May 2012, Jillian and Heidi adopted daughter Lukensia 2, from Haiti, and Heidi gave birth to their son son Phoenix that same month. With two young kids to take care of, Jillian reveals to InTouch magazine that being a mom is a bigger priority than her fitness routine!

“I don’t have as much time now. I can’t do my 90-minute yoga sessions anymore, so now I cycle in the morning for 30 minutes,” she tells the magazine. “My ass is definitely softer!”

“I strive to eat right and work out 80 percent of the time,” she adds. “The other 20 percent is for treats and recovery days.”

Jillian Michaels: Teaching Her Kids The Importance Of Fitness Jillian, who was an overweight kid growing up, said she is focused on making sure her kids grow up with healthy habits.

“I’m teaching them early about healthy good and getting them involved with our meals,” Jillian says. “We’ll get them doing fitness activities they love so fitness is fun, but I’m also trying to find a balance so there isn’t that rebellion.”

What do YOU think about Jillian putting her kids before fitness HollyMoms? Do you think she’ll be easier on contestants now?

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