Making The Most Of Your Family’s Health Plan With Mid-Year Health Check-in Tips From Cigna

With the economy the way it is and rising health care costs, right now is the perfect time to try and find helpful tips to make the most of your health care plans and expenses.

Right now my health care plan keeps going up so much each year. It is getting to the point where I wonder if some day we will still be able to afford it. Since we joined it has gone up over $ 300 a year. Not to mention my son has had so many medical issues and hospital stays. Any tips and help, is HUGE for us.

So with rising costs of health care plans and procedures what can you and I do to try and save money (and time)? Well I watched a few video clips from Cigna and found some HELPFUL information.

TIPS: PLAN and Budget: Plan for visits, glasses, surgeries, etc. This way you can save and be prepared financially each year. The more you can anticipate upcoming costs, the more you can save while still receiving the high quality care you need for you and for your family.

Know Your Benefits: Know what your deductibles are, understand what your plan covers and what it doesn’t cover before you visit the doctor. For example if you need to get glasses and it isn’t covered by your insurance plan, then an alternative would be to go to an eyeglass specialist that is not as expensive as the one referred to by your doctor.

Know Your Pharmacy’s number: Having your pharmacy’s number on hand can save you time. While visiting your doctor’s office and having your pharmacy’s number gives you the opportunity to have your doctor or their office cal in your prescription so that it is ready when you get there, saving time.

Prepare: Know where the nearest urgent care facility is. These facilities provide the same quality of care for non-emergent conditions as an ER, but have shorter wait times and are typically less expensive. This will help so that if it isn’t a 911 emergency, you know where to go. Save time and money!


Preventative Care: Be proactive in your health. Most health care plans include preventative health care. By being proactive, you are less likely to have major issues that would be more expensive and could have been prevented. Taking advantage of preventative services offered by your health plan could mean the difference between life and early death. Visit your doctor each year for a checkup. Take advantage of the free services offered, such as access to dieticians and nurses, who can answer questions and provide advice.

*A tip that I learned on my own is to not be afraid to ASK doctor offices for resources. For example my son had a milk protein reaction when he was younger and needed special formula that cost $ 50 a can. I asked the nurses and specialists is there anywhere else I could get it because my insurance didn’t cover it. They said they heard people selling cans on eBay. Another time my insurance sent me to an office to have my son’s speech and hearing tested. They wanted almost $ 900 just to have him tested (the $ 900 was my out of pocket). I almost did it because I really wanted the tests. I could only imagine how much each visit would have cost. I asked the nurse if there were any other places that did the tests (I was at specialist, where insurance only covered a small portion)) and she let me know that our local schools offer FREE testing. She gave me the number to our district and I was able to get my son tested for FREE.

This Cigna Tip Clip is FULL of information like what I shared.

(There are several great get Fit In A Minute workout videos that are also on Cigna’s YouTube Pages, which is another great resource)

Disclosure: I participated in a campaign on behalf of Mom Central Consulting on behalf of Cigna. I received a promotional item as a thank-you for participating.

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