Meet Raquel Santos: Health and Fitness Writer and Senior at Rutgers University :College Lifestyles

My pet is: My wiener dog, Ellie!

My favorite quote is, because: “Be the first rate version of yourself, not the second rate version of someone else” –Judy Garland

My role model is, because: I’d have to say my mom because she’s been through so much, still remains so positive all the time, and is always right about EVERYTHING.

I spend my weekends…: Working and studying, but I try to squeeze in some friend time so I don’t go crazy.

I take a break from studying by…: Grabbing a coffee from Dunkin or skyping friends or family!

I de-stress by…: Running! It’s the best therapy.

My secret talent is: Drawing. I used to take tons of art classes but now I just draw on my own occasionally. It’s very relaxing.

My friends describe me as: Entertaining, driven, and loyal.

My favorite College Lifestyles article is: “” by Carolyn McMahon. So detailed and easy to follow! I needed this because I love to run but I have trouble when it comes to strength training.

Why I am excited to be an intern for College Lifestyles: It has given me such a great experience to be a health and fitness writer for CL thus far and I absolutely love researching and writing articles that give our classy co-ed readers helpful advice and info!

My definition of a classy co-ed: Someone who keeps a positive outlook on life no matter what comes her way, treats others with consideration, and never changes her personality for anyone or anything.

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