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merit pay does not work in acheiving higher scores studies prove it…
that said I also think it is silly to believe that as a teacher I will say…oh..I better teach this more…work harder… or I will get fired or not recieve a raise…. I bust my tail off not because I may get fired if I don't or I won't get a pay raise… but because it is the profession I LOVE.
If this is what is coming I better get an expense acount for the $ 1000's I put into my classroom and student every year… someone above said it is one of the only professions where merit plays little part WELL how may other professions drop thousands of dollars a year into their job? doctors do not have to pay for the medicine they perscribe or give you before a surgery…last year out of 26 student I had 4 countem 4 students that came with needed supplies such as pencils, folders and notebooks….I provided the rest as did those same parents send extras for those who came with nothing but their uniform….
this year I had a student you found out her father was dying of cancer the 2nd day of tests is that going to count against me? Because lets face it her mind was NOT on the test….I would love to see those who are for this be willing to put their job on the line or their pay all in the hands of children who are unpredictable with what they have going on at home (if they have one)….
if you want to do this it also needs to be at their level as well… I have special ed. kids that just look at the test and feel defeated before they lift a pencil… I had a student who is amazing at math this year shut down the moment the story problems came because the reading was above his level. before we jump on this wagon there needs to be a good discussion and ways found to make this work. Students need to be tested at their level… they need to be tested coming in and going out and that growth measured…if a child does not come to me reading at a fourth grade level but a first grade level then I cannot be expected to get them reading at a 5th grade level by the end of the year.

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