On A Quest To Reduce My Husband Of His Medication For High Blood Pressure/Choleterol

Hi there, dear friends

My husband encountered his first gout attack way back in 1994 and has been on Allopurinol 300mg once daily for treatment.  

In mid 2009, our family physician made him go for tests to check his health and my husband was found to have high blood pressure, high cholesterol, high urea acid and diabetes. On top of that, the doctor said my husband’s kidneys were not functioning optimally.

When a friend heard about my husband’s health problems, he taught me to make the Tateshi Kasu Miracle Vegetable Soup  for my husband.  

After consuming that soup regularly for around 1 year, my husband went for another round of blood tests, which revealed some good news – his kidneys were working properly already, blood pressure was around 120/30, cholesterol and urea acid levels were normalised…and his blood sugar went down slightly to 6.4 mmol/L, an improvement from 7.2 mmol/L before taking Glucophage 850mg twice daily.  

Last year, his blood tests showed that his blood sugar went up again, with medication, to 7.2 mmol/L. The doctor had wanted to increase his Glucophage dose but my husband said that he will try to control his diet  to bring down his sugar level.

Unfortunately, my husband is not the type to watch what he eats….he just loves food and snacks too much…especially during Chinese New Year when there are a lot of cookies, snacks and mandarin oranges laying around the house!  :roll: 

Here’s an example of his midnight snacking (maybe I should call it “feasting”) ===> 2 boxes of sweetened soy bean drink or sweetened Yeo Hiap Seng packet drinks, 1 large bag of nachos chips or 1 tube of Lays Potato Chips…many mandarin oranges, pineapple tarts, prawn crackers…on a daily basis, he can drink up to 1 litre of soy bean drink. His wantan noodles or nasi lemak or rice intake during meals are usually of large portions (add on noodles or rice.)   :roll: 

Yesterday, my husband and I went to see our family physician for the results of some blood tests done around the Chinese New Year time and we had some good news ===>

1) despite all that non-diabetic diet that my husband is on and his over-consumption of carbohydrates and sugar….his blood sugar level dropped from 7.2 mmol/L to 6.8 mmol/L! The normal range is 3.9 to 5.5 mmol/L for non-medication). I was actually expecting his blood sugar reading to hit sky high but I was very happily surprised. Yay, no need to increase his diabetes medication as what our doctor wanted earlier.  

2) his uric acid level was normal at 0.33 mmol/L (normal is 0.18 to 0.47)

3) total cholesterol was normal at 3.6 mmol/L or 140 mg/dl (normal is <5.2 or <200), but his triglycerides was very high at 3.41 mmol/L (normal is <1.6)

4) blood pressure was 130/80

5) heart, kidneys and liver functions are working normally

Wow, not bad at all considering my husband’s food intake (by the way, did I say that he loves pork belly and pork crackling and pork liver ? ) and him not exercising at all….I would say that the health drinks have worked very well for my husband !

Yesterday, for the first time since my husband was prescribed all those medication for life, we managed to convince our doctor to reduce his uric acid and cholesterol medication to 100mg and 10mg daily – both are minimal daily doses. 

Our doctor was at first reluctant but she said she will see my husband’s next blood test results in 3 months’ time to see if she should increase back the dosages.  Heheh, she gave my husband quite an earful yesterday…encouraging him to take up some form of exercises to reduce his pot belly (my husband is not fat…he just has some flab around his belly). 

Well, I am glad my husband is now seriously changing his diet to cut down all those soda pop, sweetened drinks, chocolates and last night, I found him drinking some Japanese Green Tea at midnight, instead of his usual packet of soy bean drink!  

From now until the next month end when he is based back at the office, he works from home and I am able to set up a regiment of health drinks for him. His waking hours are a bit odd though because he works from 5 pm to 1am, following European hours to liaise with his colleagues there. So, his breakfast time is usually my lunch time and we eat the same type of food together. 

This is what I give him as alternative home remedies for his health maintenance ===>

1) 1 cup of   after he has woke up, around 1pm. I thought because the tea is drank on an empty stomach, its absorption into his body system is much better and faster. I put about 1 heaping tablespoon of the burdock tea and pour boiling water to steep for more than 10 minutes.

2) 1 cup of (1 teaspoon of loose leaves, or 1 teabag) combined with Kuding Cha (2 sticks) right after his main meals at around 2.30 pm and 8 pm. So, he has 2 cups of this tea daily. 

Before his last blood tests, I only gave him one cup daily only. 

3) for his midnight snacking time, he will have 1 cup of either Japanese Green Tea or 1 cup of Yerba Mate (I will post about the Yerba Mate tea later as I am testing this out now). 

The Tateshi Kazy Miracle Vegetable soup, I stopped making it as frequent as in 2010 when we drank it almost on a daily basis because my Chinese doctor said it was too cooling for me…but I will now make that once a week for my family. 

I hope the health teas and soups will help wean, or at least reduce, my husband’s medication because right now, all medical expenses are covered by his employer/company…but when he retires in a few years time, we will have to fork out our own savings. Of course, it will help greatly if my husband takes care of what he eats and if he exercises more….well, there is a Chinese saying, “You can only lead the cow to the water, if the cow doesn’t want to drink the water….you can’t make him”…..hmmm, maybe a few whacks on the cow’s (or bull’s) butt will make him!  

I will post here later more findings on how the health teas and soups are impacting on my family’s health. I thought to post my husband’s blood tests results here so that there is a central point of reference for them and we will know how those alternative home remedies for health are doing on him (and on my family.)

With best wishes for good health always,


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