Paleo Magazine Radio, erp, and How You Can Become Famous

There’s an exciting new podcast up: Paleo Magazine Radio, which launched in January, is now up to Episode 3, and it interviews me and one of our most respected readers — erp. Listen to the episode here.

Paleo Magazine says erp is 78 years old — which is odd, I remember 77, and 76 before that, it’s almost as if every year she changes the number just to confuse me — and she was also an early adopter of the Perfect Health Diet, which helped her lose weight (dress size from 16/18 to 6/8) and eliminate food cravings. Erp was the inspiration for Cranky Grouch’s Spaghetti. She hasn’t commented much recently, but she remains a beloved part of the PHD family, and my first choice when Tony Federico, producer of Paleo Magazine Radio, suggested it would be fun to hear from a PHD reader. (Update for erp fans: She sends her fond regards to all. Her daughter and son-in-law, who were severely burned in a plane crash last summer, are doing well, but still have a long recovery ahead. She is grateful for all those who prayed for them; prayers are still welcome.)

Tony would like to interview more PHD readers in future episodes, as he sees Paleo Magazine Radio as the home of “ordinary Paleo dieter” personal stories. Of course we’d love for their audience to hear of the good results Perfect Health Dieters have obtained, so if you’re interested in appearing on Paleo Magazine Radio, send me an email (pauljaminet@perfecthealthdiet.com) and I’ll introduce you to Tony.

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