Prefer Family Meals for your Child’s Healthy Diet

All those people who do not eat meals with their children should start doing same if they want their children’s diet to improve. Above are suggestions coming from the British researchers recently, who have found that children eat more fruits and vegetables when they eat and have their meals with their families.

As far as the recommendations from the health authorities like the World Health Organization are concerned, they advise five 80-gram portions of fruits and vegetables every day for children’s better health and help them in preventing all the diseases.

In this context, a $ 128-million campaign is also being run by England’s Health Department with an aim to promote eating of five portions by children every day, but the program is not directly addressing the behavior of family meal time.

Researchers analyzed the diets of 2,383 elementary school children in London, from which, they found that children who always eat with their families are more into the habit of consuming 125 grams higher of fruits and vegetables than the ones, who never ate a meal together.

"Eating a family meal together regularly could increase children’s fruit and vegetable intake and help them achieve the recommended intake", Meaghan Christian of the school of food science and nutrition at University of Leeds and her co-authors concluded in Thursday’s issue of the Journal of Epidemiology and Community Health.

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