Some Healthy Recipes for body fitness and weight loss diet plan

healthier cooking 300x199 Some Healthy Recipes for body fitness and weight loss diet plan

My first discussing is going to healthy smoothie recipes. I think everyone knows how to blend fruits or vegetables. Preparing healthy smoothie recipes is not a hard task. Moreover, there are more people who like to create newer recipes and share that over the internet. Here, I am going to mention about two smoothie recipes.

1)     Mango-Peach Smoothie: This is a perfect recopies for the breakfast. For this, just add 1 sliced mango, 1 sliced peach, ½ cup vanilla soya milk (low fat) and ½ cup orange juice.

2)     Banana and Peanut Butter Smoothie: You can take this as a delicious snack. For this, add a spoon of peanut butter, ½ cup skim milk and ½ cup yogurt.

One thing that you can add to taste into these two recipes is to add a small portion of dark chocolate.

This is something that is borrowed from the vegetarian diet plan. It is considered as a balanced meal that is full of fiber and protein. These three can be heated and served quickly.

1)     Pick a grain that you like to use, such as: millet, quinoa, cous cous or rice.

2)     Pick a grain such as: kale, spinach, collards or turnips.

3)     Finally pick a bean. There are lots of beans. You may use white beans, chickpeas or lima beans.

This is not only delicious but also healthy recipes for you. You  can add your favorite vegetables and beans in this recipe. If you want to add some tastier into the recipes than you can add meats or low sodium chicken stock. This is really a nice and delicious recipes that can give more taste in your Sunday meal. You can prepare this in a crock pot. It is really a good meal for the dieter. A dieter can prepare this menu a lot at a time, then can leave these for the whole week. You may want to know how to prepare it. Let’s see how to prepare it and which ingredients will need for this healthy recipe.

Add all of the above mentioned ingredients into a pot. Then boil it with low temperature for an hour. The ingredients that you need to add to the vegetable, beans and meals, are:

1)     Olive oil (1 teaspoon)

2)     Zucchinis (3 chopped)

3)     Diced Onion (1 piece)

4)     Navy beans (1 can)

5)     Diced Potato (1 piece)

6)     Low sodium and low fat vegetable broth (1 lox)

7)     Fresh Spinach (1 bag)

So, here are your healthy recipes. You can prepare these recopies as your weight loss diet plan. Moreover, these healthy recipes also can give you healthy body and boost metabolism.

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