The Most Optimal Evolutionary Original Human Diet May Never Be Found Due To Past Frequent

So how does this connect with health?  Tons of connections.

1. What if for several times and periods, earth was under the plasma discharge protection of Saturn? (and not this sun)  The planet would have a different atmosphere, water, temperature, concept of day and night, energy, and evolutionary directions.

2. What if the earth living conditions have changed wildly and frequently enough during the evolution of human beings?  That the current stabilization of planetary orbits are a very recent phenomenon of less than 2,000 years?

In the so called evolutionary scale, every concept of an original human diet we should have evolved in seems to have been thrown out the window.  That the species available, the air we breath, the water around us, the seasons could all have changed so much so fast.

Did you know that the Buytenko method for relieving asthma involves breathing exercises to slow down breathing to allow your lungs to create more carbon dioxide because the theory is that the current atmosphere’s carbon dioxide levels are too low, our human breathing mechanism has adapted to actually create more carbon dioxide from the air we breath before infusing the air into our blood?

What we can rely on for health seems to be recent recorded history, such as those of Weston A Price with healthy natives on their native diet.  Such as those of the western explorers who landed on remote lands and recorded with that natives ate merely a few hundreds of years ago.

Which leads me to think that maybe the healer Aajonus Vonderplanitz may be correct that it may be pointless to try and re-enact what paleolithic peoples ate and lived because of all of the reasons above.  That the living conditions were different, that the foods available were different.

Yes of course, we need to find out what works now, today with what is available.  What we can buy, what we can grow, what we can get our hands on today.

Maybe I can give my inputs to the cosmological theorists to investigate records of human diets during those older times and give them our raw paleo diet concepts so that could be added to the mix of things they may find time to investigate.

We raw paleo dieters, as long as we can afford the really good foods have found immense health and stability for ourselves and helped others even temporarily.  We are convinced we have found the cure for most of the allegedly incurable diseases… from a myopic western pharmaceutical perspective… and that we may have found something close to the fountain of youth.

Internet technologies have made comparative mythology and plasma physics discussions possible… such as Saturnian Cosmology.  And the same internet technologies have made global comparisons of healthy diets possible… have made the global raw paleo diet community possible.  Seems I will need to visit the message boards of the Saturnian Cosmologists and throw in our health angle.  Could be interesting, could be of use in our insatiable thirst for knowledge.

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