Toni Braxton on Lupus Retirement and Family Health Remedies

This is no doubt a Sad News for all Toni Braxton Fans. She is Planning to Retire! She made this announcement on The Dr. Oz Show today. So, what made Toni take this drastic step? Read on and I am sure you’ll agree that it is a Wise decision. Plus we’ll also get to know the Family Health Home Remedies shared by Toni and her Sisters and Mother on The Dr. Oz Show.

Lupus, an autoimmune disease, has taken a heavy toll on Toni’s Health and she thinks it is time to say goodbye to her Professional Music Career. According to Toni – she had been hiding the Disease for many years from the Music Industry. However, she is ready to talk about the Lupus Disease now. She was hesitant in the beginning as disclosing the fact may have made people in the Music Industry think twice about working with her.

She has realized that her body is her Boss now – rather than her Singing Career, and she must take good care of it. Health should be her #1 priority. Toni suffered a Heart attack 5 years ago and that is when she came to know about the Disease destroying her body. She was devastated and had to cancel her upcoming Shows. She decided to keep the knowledge about Lupus a Secret in order to protect her Career.

Toni Braxton is on Medication right now and follows a Healthy Diet with Regular Exercise. According to her – Walking is the best form of Exercise for an individual with Lupus. Her biggest fear is that she won’t be around to see her Kids grow up. However, she is doing her best to take care of herself and fight the Disease – so she can live till 100. Her biggest Strength is her Family. All Dr. Oz Fans hope Toni realizes her goal and is able to enjoy a Long, Healthy, and Stress Free Life.

Toni’s Mother and Four Sisters were on The Show as well. They have tried their Best to learn more about Lupus so that they could help Toni cope better. They want Toni to realize that it is OK to be Sick.

Her Mom, Evelyn, has Diabetes, and when the Sisters visit her – they make sure she isn’t eating Sugary Foods. According to Evelyn, it gets on her Nerves! They even leave her Grandchildren sometimes to make sure she is eating right. Nobody believes her in the Braxton Family but she claims that she buys the Junk Food and the Cakes and the Pies for her Grand Children She seems just like my Mother.

1. Potato Remedy for Fever : Put Potato slices in your Socks and wear them to Bed. Get up to find the Fever gone! Dr. Oz said there is no evidence this Remedy works.

2. Onion Remedy for Flu : Slice up a Lemon and an Onion and cook in Water till both are tender. Add a splash of Honey and drink. Dr. Oz says it won’t cure the Flu but will relieve some Flu-like symptoms, just like Chicken Soup.

3. Q-Tip Cayenne Pepper Remedy for Uvula : Toni sometimes uses a Q-Tip dipped in Cayenne Pepper to shrink her Uvula. Dr. Oz says it is much safer to add some Cayenne Pepper to a glass of Water and Gargle with it. The Uvula is very sensitive so we must be very careful.

The Good Doctor presented Toni Braxton a Lab Coat and said she deserved the title of a Honorary Doctor as she has gone through a lot of Health Challenges. It was the first time Dr. Oz has honored one of his Guests in this manner.

All Toni Braxton and Dr. Oz Fans wish her a Stress Free and Fun-Filled Life. She may have decided to retire from Professional Singing but over the years she has created lots of Quality Music. Please check out the Amazon Toni Braxton Store to check out her popular Albums like – Waiting to Exhale, The Heat, Pulse, Snowflakes, Un-Break my Heart and more …

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