Divorce mediation may make for healthier New York family

Nora Ephron is a celebrated individual of New York and the world. Even throughout very challenging circumstances, Ephron exuded grace and authority. As Ephron has recently been remembered for her life, her death has resurfaced many of the stories that made her who she was, including her famous divorce from journalist Carl Bernstein.

Divorce mediation may not have been Ephron’s primary focus during that time of turmoil. However, it is apparent that she found common ground after the divorce through a different kind of mediation.

Ephron divorced Bernstein after his very public affair with an ambassador’s wife. The matter even served to inspire parts of her novel, “Heartburn.” However, for Ephron, the 30 years that passed between her divorce and her death apparently were not filled with hatred and bitterness. Ephron and Bernstein’s case offers a great example for divorcing couples on how to handle child custody and later disputes.

According to Bernstein, after the two divorced, they became constructive parents. They worked together to solve problems, took great pride in the accomplishments of their children and consulted one another on major decisions. They shared joint custody of their two sons. He says their relationship with one another also became increasingly respectful through the years, even through their respective remarriages.

Divorce mediation is one way that New York couples may find greater common ground through the dissolution process. Divorce mediation is geared toward trying to settle issues out of court, which promotes couples working together to find the best possible outcome for all parties involved.

Source: The Washington Post, “Carl Bernstein recalls post-divorce relationship with Nora Ephron,” The Reliable Source, June 27, 2012

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