Domestic Violence Fatality Review Team Issues Recommendations for Reducing Homicide

LAS VEGAS, Nevada (April 26, 2013) – According to an article in The Las Vegas Sun, a statewide Domestic Violence Fatality Review Team has made 17 recommendations in order to reduce domestic violence related homicides in Nevada.

The Clark County, Washoe County, and state teams analyzed several domestic violence homicide related cases where they were able to collect information and records. In the analyses, teams recognized common aspects of each case leading them to make recommendations such as making sure cases are plead in higher courts, rather than being kicked down to the lower courts where sentencing can be ineffective.

Another recommendation includes ensuring that any domestic violence perpetrator not be allowed to own a firearm. Also, the teams recommended possibly allowing Nevada to allow instant Temporary Protective Orders at the time of arrest in a domestic violence case. This would require on-call judges, but would add a larger measure of protection for victims during the aftermath of an incident.

“Every family in Nevada probably has been affected by domestic violence issues at some point, whether that is a relative or friend or even among one’s own family. It is something everyone should be aware of,” states West Seegmiller, owner and founder of The Seegmiller Law Firm in Las Vegas.

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