Family Business: Will Forever Jones Breakup For Solo Projects?

The lackluster response to their sophomore offering has their record company, Motown Gospel pressuring the mother, Kim and daughter, Dominique to record solo CDs. The idea of temporarily breaking up the band to appease the record label or stick to the family mission is part of the conflict that plays out on the show.

“You’re going to definitely be very surprised,” Kim said about her decision. “Its going to be an interesting turn of events. You will see some conflict there.”

When asked whether either vocalist had been recording solo material, Dominique replied: “I’ve been in for other purposes, but not for our solo projects. We had to make a decision and you’ll see that on the show.”

It’s no secret that their father, Dewitt Sr. would really prefer for the family to remain together as one group. “I’m just excited about it,” he sarcastically quipped about their solo offers. “No, but that’s the one area that we have to deal with some changes. You have to watch the show to understand the twist.”

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